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4 Integrated health

Driven by a deep-seated desire to help others and a firm belief in the ​benefits of holistic self-care, Shannon, who lives this lifestyle, has ​established 4 Integrated Health in Morton, her beloved hometown. This new ​endeavor will undoubtedly enable her to advance her mission of providing ​personalized healthcare service to the community.

Shannon’s journey in healthcare began in high school when she became a ​certified nurse’s assistant during her senior year. She later earned her ​Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Saint Francis College of Nursing. ​Shannon furthered her education by obtaining a Master of Science in ​Nursing with a specialization in family nurse practitioner from the ​Mennonite College of Nursing at Illinois State University.

Currently, Shannon is pursuing two additional certifications in integrated ​health. She has completed two courses in endocrinology and neurology ​through A4M at George Washington University School of Medicine and ​Health Sciences. She has completed the first course in Personalized Medicine ​Certification: Endocrinology at the Morsani College of Medicine at University ​of South Florida.

Shannon Kunkle, FNP-BC

Karen Hidden, RN, BSN

Karen isn’t just the friendly face you’ll meet at your appointment - ​she’s a Midwest marvel shaking up the nursing scene who is ​dedicated to flawlessly coordinating your care. Karen crushed ICC’s ​nursing program and proudly snagged her Bachelor’s Degree in ​Nursing from Capella University.

Karen’s true essence shines brightest when she’s barefoot and ​grounding herself outdoors. On her vibrant 30-acre homestead, ​you’ll find her caring for the chickens, dogs, a tortoise, and a couple ​of lizards, while tending to a garden that flourishes year after year.

Geometric Circle Shape
Circle Logo Design

4 Integrated health


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